Sun Salutation

The sun is now crawling across and polishing the white graves in West Philly’s potters field . . . and yawning over the well-preened lawns along the Mainline . . . and hop-scotching about the silver-coated chicken coop roofs in Lancaster County.  It’s also making photosynthetic breakfast in a thousand forests around the equatorial belt […]

a fist full of stars

A good day to climb the vanishing ladder into the vast blue beyond. And then kick it away at the top! But don’t forget to toss down a fist full of stars on your way up. Who knows, perhaps they will emerge as glistening sunflowers from the warm spring earth. (Photo: northern Spain)

Beyond books?

There’s more to life than books? Well, maybe. . . . Except I’m not always sure what that is. Belgian beer or Swiss chocolate? Wooden tops? Exotic orchids? Long deep massages? Billiards? Sheets with a 400-plus thread count? Cemetaries after midnight? Rare postage stamps? Unexpected post cards? Pianos on fire? The blue eyes of Siamese […]

Flowers at a Funeral

Why, one might wonder, do we bring flowers to a funeral? Aren’t they normally offered in and associated with moments of joy: the jubilance of a wedding or birthday, the celebration of a rite of passage or victory, a gesture or expression of romance, an exuberant outpouring of love? Perhaps, as one writer hints, they […]

Wisdom or Eloquence?

Philosophy and poetry—underfed orphans in our bloated pop culture—often vie for a small and falling share of our attention. There’s been a perennial competition between wisdom and eloquence, profundity and beauty, soaring ideas and searing images that harkens back all the way to western beginnings. Beneath my bathroom sink—like the quietude of a library shelf—however, […]

The Cloud Factory

Oh, so this is where clouds are manufactured. At the Cloud Factory on the high-way en route to the air-port. The airport, being the place where clouds are then shipped to distant places in need of rain, lightning, or silver linings. (Yes, I’m slowly figuring the world out. My next task is to locate the […]

The Library and the Forest

Let’s face it: it is rather unfortunate and not only in a nostalgic sort of way. But few people read anymore. Really read. Deeply, that is. Like a scuba diver plumbing queer tiers of darkness. Places populated by hagfish and viperfish and lanternfish. And their literary equivalents. Rather, most folks skim and search and scan. […]

Past Present

How delightful. I just saw a young girl sitting on the steps of a Victorian house reading a hand-written letter on fine paper—and in cursive script no less. Not a text. Not an email. It appears the 19th century is indeed still alive. This evening, I believe I will shave with a straight-edge blade, put […]