hide & seek

The longest game of hide-and-seek in human history ended three years ago in Pakistan when the US military found and killed their most notorious enemy in a stealthy late night raid. After a decade of anxious searching, the most advanced technological nation on earth at long last tracked down a man who was reportedly living in caves and wandering off-the-grid as a nomad in the harsh deserts.


Andy Warhol once spoke presciently of each of us having fifteen minutes in the limelight. I predict, however, that fame in the future will no longer be held by those who are constantly in the public eye—aren’t we all now?—but rather by those who are off-the-map, un-locatable, unaccountable for, lost to the vigilance of non-stop surveillance.

Osama bin Laden was the first celebrity of this new era.

2 thoughts on “hide & seek

  1. Dave Eggers’s book “The Circle,” about social media taking over the world, had some haunting moments and one was about the chasing down of one such a man, someone who had tried to escape the net. They killed the guy in the story, too — he drives off a cliff to escape.

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